Founded in 2004 by Linda Carbone and Chloë Walsh, Press Here is a New York City based full-service public relations, marketing communications and consulting company that offers the personal attention and commitment of a boutique agency with the scope, power, results and services of a larger firm.

Known throughout the media and entertainment industry for our genuine enthusiasm for our clients and our unerring dedication to working with the very best of music and entertainment, Press Here’s experienced team routinely delivers exceptional service and unparalleled results.

Often unconventional in our thinking, Press Here has long been recognized for creating clever and tailor-made campaigns for recording artists, authors, actors, filmmakers, magazines, music festivals, charities, video games, designers, networking websites, photographers and television stations.

Press Here offers comprehensive public relations, marketing and strategic consulting services to meet each of our clients’ specific needs. Our clients benefit from our long-standing relations with the consumer, business and entertainment media, our alliances with leading industry tastemakers and entertainment personalities, and the synergistic partnerships we initiate on our clients’ behalf. We provide an array of services of unsurpassed quality.

Press Here History

•Public Relations

•Online and Digital Marketing, Publicity & Licensing

•Event Planning, Production & Promotion

•Branding & Image Building

•Executive Counsel & Consultation

•Political, Charitable & Philanthropic Development

•Corporate & Personal Communication Strategies

•Partnership, Sponsorship & Speaking Opportunities